NBN Co - 100/40M Broadband Internet - Business Enterprise Grade Internet
NBN Co - 100/40M Broadband Internet - Business Enterprise Grade Internet



Super-fast & unlimited nbn™

vCloud Hosting AU wants everyone to experience nbn™ the way its meant to be, super-fast, with unlimited data and great value.

Get the Unlimited Premium plan for $155 per month with no lock-in contract for less bandwidth contention to go round the whole family.

^Actual speeds may be slower than specified nbn™ tier due to a range of factors. FTTN and FTTB speeds to be confirmed once active.

What is the nbn™?

The nbn™ is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network.
nbn™ is designed to provide you with access to all the benefits of fast and reliable internet services, wherever you live. vCloud Hosting AU uses nbn™ infrastructure combined with our purpose built network for National Broadband Networks to delivery Super-fast unlimited internet to your home.

Why Business Enterprise?

The difference between business and business enterprise is something called contention ratio. A contention ratio is the number of people sharing the NBN fibre at the same time. For example, if you go to a telecommunication provider and ask them for business-grade internet service, you will get charged at a 1:1 contention ratio but you pay a price for this which can escalate over thousands of dollars, depending on your area. Our business premium service is a bridge between the standard internet and the business-grade internet from service providers, at a higher but competitive price. It is a 10:1 contention ratio, meaning the flow of data traffic is more consistent.

nbn™ speeds explained

The nbn™ network is being rolled out across Australia delivering internet and home phone access using a mix of technologies, this is why your speed will vary based on the nbn™ technology available at your location. When you enter your address, you will be provided with an indication of line speed based on information from nbn™. Please note, if you are on an FTTP, FTTN, FTTB or FTTC connection we will also tell you if you are in co-existence. If you are in co-existence we recommend that you start with the Essential plan (uses nbn™ 50 – speeds are variable). Once your service is active, if you are receiving download speeds close to 50Mbps, contact Customer Service if you want to upgrade to the Unlimited Premium plan (uses nbn™ 100), once active we will conduct a line speed test to ensure that this Unlimited Premium plan (uses nbn™ 100 – speeds are variable) is right for you.

All NBN service plans can also be purchased with a vCloud bonder and subscription.