Suits T20/T22/T26/T27/T28/T41/T23/T42 Phones
Yealink 2Amp Power Adapter - Compatible with the Yealink T46S, T48S, T52S, T54S & Fanvil X210
Yealink BT41 Bluetooth Dongle –8%
DESCRIPTIONThe Bluetooth USB dongle adds Bluetooth connectivity to your SIP-T46G with a wide vari...
$50.35 $55.00
Yealink EHS40 Wireless Headset Adapter –9%
Compatible for Plantronics/Jabra/Sennheiser Headsets DESCRIPTION EHS40The new and advanc...
$58.90 $65.00
Wi-Fi USB Dongle WF40 is a low-power, small form factor device that can be implemented within off...
The Yealink WF50 is a dongle that allows users to connect their Yealink IP Phones to a Wi-Fi netw...

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