Comsol USB-C Docking Station with Built-In Charging
Comsol USB-C Docking Station with Built-In Charging



This Comsol USB-Dual HDMI Docking Station allows you to connect a variety of items to your USB-C enabled computer. There are HDMI, VGA, USB 3.0, and RJ45 connectors, as well as an SD/Micro SD reader and 3.5 mm connector for a speaker or microphone.

  • The adapter helps you add dual HDMI, VGA, USB 3.0, RJ45 and SD/Micro SD reader capabilities to your device.
  • You can continue charging your computer at 100 W through the USB-C connector.
  • There are two HDMI female connectors.
  • There is a female VGA connector.
  • You can connect Gigabit LAN through the RJ45 female connector.
  • It has an SD/ Micro SD slot for both reading and transferring files.
  • There is a 3.5 mm female connector so you can plug in a microphone or headphones.
  • It supports MST mode for Windows.¹
  • It supports mirror or extends mode for Mac OS.²
  • The adaptor supports 4K Ultra HD 2160p (3840 x 2160) at 30Hz for single HDMI.
  • The adaptor supports 1080p (1920 x 1080) at 60Hz for Dual HDMI or VGA.

¹Windows image plus two independent images on HDMI monitors - 3 different images.
²Mac image plus same image on both HDMI monitors.