CCTV Professional Installation - 1st July 2020
CCTV Professional Installation - 1st July 2020



This is a professional service install cost based on new installations only.

  • 4 channel CCTV system - $100
  • 8 channel CCTV system - $150
  • 16 channel CCTV system - $250
  • 32 channel CCTV system - $450
  • Extra Camera's - $25

These costs include:

  • Setup and configuration of the NVR (on-premises or cloud-hosted)
  • Configure router port forward to NVR
  • Scan network for IP cameras
  • Set all IP cameras to a static IP address
  • Name all IP cameras according to the connection point
  • Setup mobile app to connect to NVR

We scan your network to ensure all devices are connected, once we have confirmation of connectivity to will proceed with the installation and configuration. If something is missing we will inform you to double-check the connections and scan again or postpone until we can confirm its all connected correctly.

These costs do not include the cost of the zmNinja software, this must be purchased and installed prior to us finalising the installation and configuration.

If you would like further information regarding this professional installation, please contact vCloud Group on 1800 825 683 and select option 1 to discuss these costs and monthly subscription costs.