Business Continuity - Servers, Desktops and Virtual Machines
Business Continuity - Servers, Desktops and Virtual Machines



Have you ever lost data?

With Business Continuity becoming more affordable and our continuous on-site and cloud remote backup technology, we make business continuity simple.

With real-time monitoring, verification, testing and retention policy to meet your requirements, you will see all the benefits of business continuity the first time you delete a file or overwrite something by accident. Great backup options available, all backups have on and off-site copies, a third remote copy is also available to give you further peace of mind and a hot start-server to plug directly into our cloud network and virtualise your server until we fix your on-premise server.

With military enabled security and encryption your data is being transferred over a secure connection where it cannot be intercepted and all business continuity plans come with 24/7 support and access to your data.