ALOGIC 15CM Super Ultra USB-C to USB-A Adapter
ALOGIC 15CM Super Ultra USB-C to USB-A Adapter

Vendor: ALOGIC


The ALOGIC Super Ultra USB-C to USB-A adapter provides a solution to convert your latest USB-C device’s port and make it compatible with standard USB 3.0 ports. This adapter enables you to connect your existing USB-A data and charging cables to the USB-C port on your laptop or computer, allowing them to sync with your smartphone, tablets, or other devices. The adapter’s cable is crafted from superior quality materials to achieve an elegant design with ultimate durability. The inner wiring of the cable is reinforced with a combination of strong synthetic fibre to ensure maximum strength and flexible nylon double braided jacket which provides protection against breakage and all types of wear and tear. The Alogic Super Ultra Cables are fashioned with features that are specially designed to provide extended strain relief and resistance to guarantee a long-lasting lifespan. 

Durable Double Braided Construction: 
The Super Ultra Adapter features an elegant and durable double-braided cotton jacket that provides resistance against natural wear and tears. The adapter has a high strength fibre built right at the core for maximum reinforcement, which protects the cable’s internal structure against potential damage. 

Superior Design: 
Constructed with thermoplastic (TPE), the Super Ultra Adapter features an extended strain relief and is designed to ensure both flexibility and strength. The aluminum housing ensures that even the most vulnerable point between the cable and the connector will always stay intact, providing an extended cable life. The adapter is also equipped with a user-friendly reversible connector that allows you to connect your cable to your device in any direction.

Increased Compatibility – Charge and Sync 
The ALOGIC Super Ultra 15cm USB-C to USB-A Adapter allows you to charge your USB-A devices as well as sync your photos, music, or data to your existing USB-C enabled laptop at transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. Moreover, the cable also supports up to 3 Amps of power output.
Compatible Size
Product Type USB-C Adapter
Warranty 2 Years
Colour Space Grey
Input USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 1) 5 Gbps
Output USB-A Adapter